Financial & Utilization Reports

Search for a healthcare facility and their submitted and audited financial reports, utilization reports, and skilled nursing facility annual consolidated financial reports (if applicable). First, select the report type that you want to view. Next, enter the facility name (or HCAI ID, city, or county) and select the facility you want to view from the dropdown list. Finally, click Search. A listing of the reports for the selected facility and report type will display.   More Help

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Utilization Reports

These reports are filed annually by hospitals, LTC facilities, primary care clinics, specialty clinics, and home health agency/hospices licensed by the State of California. Each facility report type is unique based on the characteristics of the facility type. Data may contain license beds and occupancy data, patient demographics, payor data, income statement, major capital expenditures, etc.   More Info

No Annual Utilization Reports Available

Annual Financial Reports

These reports are filed annually by each hospital and LTC facility licensed by the State of California. The information collected includes the type of ownership, number of beds, balance sheets and income statements, revenues by payer, and expenses by natural classification.   More Info

No Annual Financial Reports Available

SNF Annual Consolidated Facility Reports

These reports are filed annually and provide financial disclosure information on organizations that operate, conduct, own, manage, or maintain Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs).
The information includes annual consolidated financial reports (reviewed or audited by a Certified Public Accountant), individual financial statements, and visual representations of the organization’s structure.   More Info

No SNF Annual Consolidated Facility Reports Available